On-Demand Ops

Whether you’re looking for high-level strategists or in-the-trenches experts, we’re available to tackle all your operational-related needs. 

We can supplement your existing team to up-level performance or can manage the platform end-to-end. We make it easy to get started and we don’t lock you down longer than you need. No fluff, no red tape.

We are Business Technologists with the ability to think strategically & execute operationally.


JayOh B2B Marketing Automation

Take the guess work out of your budgeting and maximize the ROI of every dollar you spend. With a data driven methodology, we’ll provide a framework that allows you to experiment but also highlights what channels, messaging, & strategies are giving you the most bang for your buck.

Don’t spend money on efforts you ‘think’ will work, spend them on efforts you KNOW will work. 


Whether you are implementing a marketing automation system for the first time or cleaning up your existing instance, we got you covered. We are certified and experienced in the top tools out there. We can take you 0 to 100, faster than you think.

Integrate tools and streamline your processes. Ensure marketing & sales ops is a holistic, well oiled growth machine

Get your leads where they have to go and don’t sacrifice data quality in order to get them there. We help you make your data accessible wherever its most valuable and where we can take action on it.

Need help creating a repeatable & scalable growth framework? There’s not a channel we haven’t mastered or a conversion optimization we haven’t tested. Whether it’s B2B or B2C, lead gen is our bread and butter. Channels we typically manage include Google Ads, SEO, Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn, Affiliate, Webinars.

We build funnels that help align your sales & marketing teams. From MQL to SQL we help you remove bottlenecks so you can optimize conversions & close deals. 

Drive higher conversions by automatically prioritizing your best leads and accounts. Make your sales team happy & maximize your pipeline by prioritizing MQLs that actually convert through the funnel. 

Through intelligent campaigns, we make sure that all leads are nurtured at the right time, at the right place, & with the right message to maximize conversion rates & LTV. We build Customer Journey Automations & Workflows

Optimize your entire lead lifecycle so you are maximizing your efforts & growing your revenue. 

Scale your 🚀