Maximize Results by Supplementing Your Marketing Team with Cross-Functional Marketing Operations Talent

Maximize Results by Supplementing Your Marketing Team with Cross-Functional Marketing Operations Talent 

High-growth companies need to scale operations quickly and often have limited resources to keep up. As businesses scale, leaders face difficult decisions related to which roles, technology, and other investments to prioritize. A lack of resources can lead to teams not working as efficiently and strategically as needed to achieve business objectives.

One area of the business that can struggle to scale effectively is the marketing function. Marketing teams at growing companies often have tight budgets and might piece together ad hoc campaigns with limited transparency into results. However, transparency, accountability, and reporting are critical to successful marketing, which is where marketing operations (MOps) comes into play.  

Marketing operations refers to the strategic processes, technology, resources, and people needed to efficiently scale marketing efforts and drive revenue growth. While 93% of B2B marketers say the marketing operations function is important, only half of organizations have a MOps leader. 

The good news is, if you don’t have the resources to bring on a MOps leader or team at this time, a marketing operations agency can make it easy to access an entire cross-functional operations team with proven systems that help your business scale.

A marketing operations agency focuses primarily on MOps, including data, analytics, process, and technology. On the other hand, a traditional marketing agency places an emphasis on developing and implementing marketing campaigns, tactics, and strategies—but often lacks the expertise to improve efficiency across marketing.

The right marketing operations agency can help your business improve ROI on campaigns and marketing investments by identifying success metrics and ensuring the team has effective processes and technology in place.

Learn more about key use cases and benefits of partnering with a marketing operations agency. 

Efficiently Scale Your Marketing Operations Capabilities

If your department is currently understaffed with marketing operations experts or lacks much-needed technical skills and consists of primarily marketing generalists, a MOps agency can provide ongoing, cost effective, and scalable access to experts. Working with an agency can also ensure the team you do have in place isn’t spread too thin and has enough time to work strategically on what they know best.

Given talk of a looming recession and companies announcing hiring freezes and layoffs, many organizations may not have the budget to expand headcount with full-time employees. At the same time, marketing budgets are likely to be more scrutinized as business leaders look to optimize costs in any way possible. 

To support strategic business initiatives during uncertain economic times, a new trend has emerged called “quiet hiring.” Rather than hiring full-time employees, this refers to bringing in outside contractors and experts to address immediate, critical business functions.

By partnering with a marketing operations agency, your business can access experts to efficiently scale marketing operations capabilities—without needing to bring on full-time team members—and maximize ROI on marketing investments no matter the economic conditions. Supplementing your marketing team with much-needed technical and tactical skills can be the key differentiator that helps you achieve marketing campaign goals. 

Stay on Track with Operations in the Event of Employee Turnover

In 2022, a record number of workers quit their jobs as part of the Great Resignation. Any time an employee leaves a company, the rest of the team is left picking up additional responsibilities and some tasks may slip through the cracks.

When a key member of your marketing operations moves on from your organization, it can lead to having to pause your marketing campaigns until you backfill the role. Even once a new team member joins, it will take some time to get up to speed on your company and be fully productive. As a result, you risk falling behind on overall marketing objectives for the year.

Partnering with a marketing operations agency offers the added benefit of interim services to ensure streamlined knowledge transfer and continuation of campaign execution in the event of an employee departure. You may even find that you don’t need to backfill the role because of the resources and expertise available from the MOps agency, which can reduce costs and increase productivity as a result. 

Improve Your Marketing Automation Machine and Maximize Campaign ROI

A common challenge organizations face when they don’t have an effective marketing operations function in place is that they don’t even realize the potential they have to maximize marketing campaign ROI. Research from Gartner shows that marketers report utilizing just 42% of the breadth of capabilities available in their marketing technology stack overall, down from 58% in 2020. According to the survey, one of the top reasons for a drop in usage is difficulty identifying and recruiting talent to drive adoption and utilization.

Experts at a marketing operations agency are certified and experienced in leading marketing technology tools and platforms—so your team doesn’t have to be. They’re also always keeping an eye out on the latest industry trends to drive the best possible results for their customers’ marketing campaigns.

A marketing operations agency will help you make the most of marketing technology investments, implement efficient processes across your organization, and identify areas for improvement in marketing, sales, product, and other departments. 

Some steps a MOps agency takes to do maximize ROI include:

  • Leveraging MOps best practices and lessons learned from prior experience 
  • Streamlining content production
  • Simplifying and automating campaign tracking
  • Optimizing campaign spending
  • Implementing data-driven systems and technology to increase speed and transparency of data collection

As a result, your marketing function can evolve into an organized, well-oiled machine capable of delivering true value and positively contributing to overall business objectives. 

Choosing the Right Marketing Operations Agency Partner 

Now that you understand the benefits of supplementing your marketing team with cross-functional marketing ops talent, the next step is finding an agency that aligns with your business needs and budget. Selecting an agency partner can be daunting and making the right choice is critical. It’s important to select an experienced agency with a stellar reputation and positive results to share. 

At JayOh, our team of experts efficiently manages marketing operations for startups, Fortune 500 companies, and other large enterprise clients on a global scale. With a focus on marketing, sales, and product operations, our team executes campaigns in a disciplined, organized, and detail-oriented way to achieve the best results.

Our commitment to building scalable best practices enables us to share insights on what high-performing companies are doing and how we can take a similar, tailored approach with your business. Certified and experienced in nearly all of the tools in your tech stack, we straddle both the strategic and technical side of your business to build systems that drive long-term revenue growth.

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