From the time I graduated college I was an ambitious guy, always working hard in the pursuit of success. Throughout the early part of my career, I had worked in marketing, sales, and operations for a number of startups and large established companies, but no matter where I went, there were always frustrating roadblocks to getting things done. The biggest problem was that teams rarely had access to the technical resources they needed to unlock their strategic potential. I knew it didn’t have to be this way – if only people could get the right support from experienced professionals with specialized skillsets tailored specifically for supporting Marketing & Sales teams.

So I decided I would take matters into my own hands – literally! I set out on a mission to create just such a team – one that would provide cross-functional technical talent specifically focused on marketing & sales strategy. It wouldn’t be easy – there’d be lots of long nights researching best practices and developing strategies, not to mention raising investment capital – but I was determined to make it work.

I knew there was something special here and I had been discussing & preparing to start this business for months. I wanted to create something I could be proud of, but I just couldn’t come up with the perfect name that represented this. After several weeks of brainstorming, nothing seemed to fit my idea or vision. I saw very clearly the need & future state of the business but I was stumped on something that encapsulated this all.

 After weeks of brainstorming, I had an epiphany: JayOh! – derived from the phonetic pronunciation of my name Joe. Not only was it catchy, but it also came with symbolic meaning. It symbolized taking action; two words that were essential in order to get things done without fluff or unnecessary delays. That’s exactly what I needed to do – take action! Realizing this gave me new energy and motivation to get to work making my dreams into reality. 

It was then that I realized why naming the business had taken so long – because deep down inside, there was a fear of actually getting started on this venture. But now that the name embodied this feeling of action-taking, it gave me the courage needed to begin working on building out my dream operations team which would later become known by many as JayOh.

And so it began: I put together a team of experts who could deliver unparalleled service across multiple disciplines within Marketing, Sales, & Operations roles: web development, software engineering, social media strategy, data analysis and more; all combining forces under one roof (or at least virtually) as part of the best in class team @ JayOh! With years of experience behind us in both small business consulting as well as enterprise level operations management solutions; JayOh offered services tailored towards any size organization looking for help managing their marketing & sales efforts without breaking the bank or sacrificing quality for quantity.

The response was immediate and overwhelmingly positive – people started reaching out within weeks as word spread about this new venture offering highly sought-after expertise and customized packages designed with every customer’s unique needs in mind- JayOh has been growing steadily ever since! And while some days may still feel like an uphill battle at times; when faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges or difficult decisions, you can bet that the discipline of execution remains at the forefront of everything we do and have achieved since founding the company over 7+ years ago. Our processes are designed specifically to get from client requests & requirements all the way through delivery quickly and accurately each time – no exceptions! While others may talk about results without delivering them; at JayOh, we believe in “getting shit done”!

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